What kind of support does abdicar.com provide?

abdicar.com offers all its services as self-managed, with the intent of maintaining the lowest prices possible.  If you have any issues, try using the Customer Portal as a first form of contact.  You will find that your tickets are answered promptly and any and all issues are quickly resolved.

However, we do offer our customers technical assistance through our managed team with fees in accordance with the customers' incident and necessities.   

As a primary source of help, you can open a tickect using your web browser or you can send an email from your registered email to support at abdicar do com or billing at abdicar dot com.

The live chat button is available throughout the abdicar.com website.

Do you have Live Messenger?  You can add us with the address: chat at abdicar.com.
The phone numbers that can be found in our contact section are for reference ONLY and you will be instructed to open a support ticket in the Customer Portal.


In essence, the options are the following:


1.  Use the Customer Portal by sending an email to support or billing at abdicar dot com.

2.  Use the Customer Portal by opening a ticket.

3.  Live Help Chat through abdicar.com

4.  Live Messenger by adding chat at abdicar dot com.


You will find that if you follow these simple procedures, most of your issues will be resolved in the shortest timeframe possible.

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